Have you ever wanted to perfect the ever-popular Victoria’s Secret beach waves in your hair? Gorgeous, flowing beach waves are surprisingly easy to achieve by using an old-school favorite-sponge rollers.  Using these sponge rollers can create a versatile look for a signature mane attraction. Unlike a curling iron, these spongy cylinders allow for a soft, natural wave that is hard to achieve with a normal iron. Follow these steps for sexy beach waves that are easy and hassle free:


  1. Start by rolling your bangs first (if you have them)
  2. Divide the rest of your hair into five sections: top, sides, and two in the back. (use claw clips to keep the section separated)
  3. Start rolling the top section: Try to make even rows, using large foam rollers. Section the hair roughly the width of the roller; the amount of hair depends on how many curls you want.
  4. Full curls: for fuller, softer curls (beach wave look), position the rollers horizontally.
  5. Roll hair on sides then back of your head: if you want more curls on the bottom, switch to medium sized rollers.
  6. Go to sleep with the curlers intact
  7. In the morning, gently remove each roller: if the curls are too spiral and bouncy, run your fingers through it or comb for gentle waves.
  8. Use hairspray: if desired, spray some hairspray to keep your fabulous do in tact.
  9. Finished: Walla! Perfect beach waves!




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