Style Simplified

In 2003, Nora started Nora Fink Personal Styling and has been refining her personal shopping model to offer the best value and experience ever since. In that time, Nora’s business has grown and her client’s needs have changed.

Originally, most clients wanted to shop with Nora. Now, most people prefer that Nora do the shopping. After discussing with friends and clients, Nora deduced that the retail shopping experience has become so overwhelming and impersonal that people prefer to skip the entire in-store experience. However, they miss the feeling of shopping in an environment that makes them feel glamorous and special. Changing this experience was a challenge Nora was ready to tackle!

The Evolution of the Shopping Experience

Nora spent two years understanding what it is that everyone dislikes about shopping: inconsistent sizing, overwhelming amount of merchandise, no help or an overbearing amount of help, incredibly time consuming, difficulty parking, crying kids, return/exchange policies that vary from store to store, getting locked out of the dressing room, being bombarded by offers to open a credit card, marathon shopping makes one weary and have low blood-sugar, needing coupons to get the best deal…and the list goes on.

That’s why online shopping was invented, right? Although online shopping is very convenient, Nora found that clients have an average of $600 of merchandise (purchased online) at their homes that didn’t work, but never got returned because completing online returns is very time consuming.

The Perfect Design

Nora took all of this information, found the perfect space and created the Nora Fink Personal Styling Showroom. The NFPS Showroom takes everything their clients love and expect from the current personal styling model and puts it all in a beautiful environment with the added benefits of a fully stocked bar, tailoring, shoe/sunglass repair services, dedicated parking and exclusive service. (You are the only person there!)

The design of the showroom is a big fancy closet just like the ones coveted on Instagram- no cramped dressing rooms with poor lighting. The entire space is your dressing room! Also, having a “by appointment only” showroom allows the hours of operation to be whenever clients need them them to be – day or night, weekday or weekend.

The best part…Nora realized their clients are ready for designer merchandise, but not designer prices. Over the course of the past year, Nora built relationships with stores and designers all over the US, so they can give their clients great pricing on designer merchandise.

How the NFPS Showroom works