I will never forget driving over to the house where my friend, Dana, nannied to see her bottle of Vamp.  Dana was the first person I new to own something Chanel and I couldn’t believe I was in the presence of something so hip and beautiful. Vamp was created in 1994 by Dominique Moncourtois, Chanel’s director of makeup creation. Moncourtois was inspired by Karl Lagerfeld, who asked him for a dark polish that would show up in the black and white photos that Lagerfeld was making to introduce his 1995 Spring/Summer Chanel Ready-to-wear collection. Even today a coat of Vamp on my nails takes me back to the days when smoking wasn’t bad it was fun, my friends and I could go out for a whole night on $10 and I didn’t worry about the practicality of my bodysuit. 😉


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