Monogramming is a technique that has been done for many years. Whether you use one, two, or three initials, it is a quintessentially classy update to shirts, bags, vests, and basically anything that is able to be personalized. With it’s rise in popularity, it is fairly easy to find online stores that specialize in monogrammed goods or a kiosk in the mall that lets you customize and pick up the same day! (Our favorite is at Kenwood Town Center, close to Anthropologie). J. Crew even allows you to monogram both men’s and women’s shirt, shorts, and other various items for around $10 each! One of our favorite things to do is take a very nondescript button up or sweater that would ordinarily be boring on it’s own and get a monogram on the front. Another fun thing to try is adding a monogram to vest on the front or even the back of the collar.


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