Even though you probably haven’t laid your outfit out since you were in elementary school, we think you should start doing it again…here’s why:

– In the morning, you’re most likely in a hurry. Especially if you’ve got other bodies to be responsible for and make sure they get off to school.

– When you’re in a hurry, it’s hard to pick out great outfits. If you’re like us, you most likely have a section of your closet or pile of clothes that you tend to pull from, hardly ever straying from those select few pieces.

– You probably have really great clothes with lots of outfit potential. They’re sad they never get any attention 🙁

– Laying your outfit out at night when you’ve got some time to play around and experiment, usually leads to new outfit discoveries and allows you to pull from the deep, dark depths of your closet that you would normally never venture to in the morning.

– It’s even a good idea, when you’re on a roll, to lay out outfits for the entire week. Speaking from experience, this allows ample time in the morning for other activities like making sure you get enough coffee in your system before walking out the door.

– Give it a try! You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much better your outfits turn out and how much more relaxed your morning is 🙂closet

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