Hopefully your new year has been off to a fabulous start! There’s truly no better time to get organized and implement things that make your everyday life a little easier.
We’ve found that one of the best ways to ensure a great start to your day, is to streamline your routine and make it as fluid as possible. Our favorite way to do this is to create ease in picking out your outfit! Most people aren’t their most creative self early in the morning and end up throwing on the same clothes over and over again. As a result, many end up getting in a “style rut” and are left with an overwhelming feeling of discontent with their wardrobe.
In reality, almost everyone we work with has great clothes, they simply have their closet organized in such a way where it’s not conducive to wearing much of it. Since we believe clothes should truly be loved and cared for, it brings us to our point – CLOSET ORGANIZATION AND INTENTIONAL PURCHASING!

This blog post will be featuring different tips and tricks to transform your closet into something you love and look forward to walking into each and every morning.

New Year’s is the time to streamline your morning routine and ultimately create a Pinterest-worthy closet!

Here are the steps to do so which we will be breaking down for you:
Step 1: The First Pass
Step 2: Organize Meaningfully
Step 3: Tailor & Repair
Step 4: A Week’s Worth of Outfits
Step 5: Finale: matching hangers, lint brush and a steamer


Task 1 to Creating the Closet You Love: THE FIRST PASS

This task should not require much thought or pre-planning. Set a timer for 15 minutes and go through your closet removing any items that are: uncomfortable, don’t fit, were given to you free for participating in an activity or you don’t like. Go with your gut; this should be a visceral reaction activity!

Once you have removed the items, come up with a plan to bin them up or give them to a new and happy home.


Task 2 to Creating the Closet You Love: ORGANIZE MEANINGFULLY

Organize in whatever way is meaningful to you. Some people prefer to organize by category (shirts, pants, skirts, etc.) others by color, and some people organize their clothes by season. There is no “right” answer; do what works for you! Or take a page out of our P&G clients’ playbook, they have their own special way of organizing by “work” and “non-work”…or shall we say work and play!




Task 3 in Creating the Closet You Love: “TAILOR & REPAIR”

Do another pass at your wardrobe pulling out any items that are in need of tailoring or repair.

Our favorite tailor is Vida Savicius. She has a shop in Mariemont (6822 Wooster Pike/(513) 271-8600) or she works out of Blaine’s Menswear in Montgomery on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. She will do all general repairs, but also more challenging tailoring like leather work, mending moth holes in wool/cashmere, coat zippers and taking the pleats out of pants.

As for shoe repair, our go-to guy is at JCL Shoe repair in Madeira. Korean born and raised, his English is hard to understand, but we assure you he is wonderfully kind and an expert cobbler. Cash only.
Address: 7710 Laurel Ave # 1, Cincinnati, OH 45243
Phone: (513) 271-2057

Don’t hesitate to comment below with any of your tailoring questions; we’re happy to advise on how to alter/repair each item and an approximate cost for doing so. Most every quality item is able to be altered or repaired and worth the cost of doing so…just one more reason to BUY QUALITY & CARE FOR LOVINGLY!!!

Feel free to share your favorite tailor, dry-cleaner, or cobbler. We honor the opportunity to promote their businesses.


Task 4 in Creating A Closet You Love: MAKE OUTFITS

You can either make a whole slew of outfits and keep them on one section of your closet or you can make a week’s worth every Sunday night. We highly suggest putting your accessories in a Ziplock bag and poking them directly on to the hanger. If you are like most people you have a load of great accessories, but tend to only wear the ones sitting on top of your dresser.
Of all the closet organizing tasks, this one will make your mornings smoother and step spring-ier!


We’ve come to the final step in Creating The Closet You Love!

Task 5 in Creating the Closet You Love: MATCHING HANGERS, LINT BRUSH and A STEAMER!

The best part. To use a technical phrase, my closet used to be a “hot-ass mess”. It was a jumble of clothes, random hangers, and shoe boxes. My reward for cleaning it was matching white wooden hangers. I used to hate putting my clothes away because it was such a chore, now it’s like I am merchandising a teeny-tiny boutique.
My choice for wooden hangers is the Container Store. For the person who has everything, CS gift cards are the perfect gift! They have a wide selection of high-quality wood hangers in a variety of finishes. Pick up a lint brush while you are there, too.

As for steamers, my personal choice is Rowenta or for a hearty commercial grade steamer try Jiffy. A steamer is a life-changing appliance: makes hard to iron garments super easy, allows you to wash dry-clean only garments at home and perks up tired looking clothes that aren’t ready for a washing yet. It is also amazing for pressing sheets and table cloths if you are in to that sort of thing. Just hang a clothes line in your laundry room, fold the sheet over it and steam away! Or throw it over your shower curtain rod.

xo-Nora & Melissa





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