The spring and summer months are slowly approaching and all we want is some Vitamin C and tan skin to take over the pasty, white winter bodies. We all know how bad tanning beds are for our skin and how pricey spray tans can be. The thought of self-tanner can be scary for some, but in reality, it is easy and will save you money in the long run. Don’t fret; self-tanners are an excellent way to give yourself a natural, non-streaky glow perfect for the spring months. Here are some of our favorite self-tanner picks.


Tarte Brizziliance


This is a perfect self-tanner for those with dry and dull skin. Brizilliance will brighten the skin and leave it feeling silky to the touch. You can find Brizilliance at Sephora for $37.


Clarins Instant Gel


This gel tanner soaks into skin immediately, giving your face and body a healthy glow. This tanner is perfect for the girl-on-the-go. You can find Clarins at for $45.


Origins Great Pretender


Origins is perfect for the self-tanner, first-timers. Origins Great Pretender uses sugar- derived DHA, which works with your skins own protein to deliver a natural tan. You can buy this tanner at for $21.50


Clinique Self Sun


This tanner is perfect for those who like a gradual change. The tinted formula gives an instant glow but deepens throughout the day. You can find this tanner at any Clinique boutique for $22.


St. Tropez Mousse


This foam formula goes on almost effortlessly and results in an even, warm tan. Its Aromaguard fragrance technology all but eliminates that telltale self tanner odor. You can find St. Tropez at Sephora for $32.

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