Mixing Business with Style

First impressions matter, especially when it comes to business. Cincinnati image consultant Nora Fink works with executives and companies to make sure they are putting their best foot, and face, forward. She’ll sit down with you to discuss your career goals and current style. Then, she’ll help you develop a new personal brand – from clothes, hair, make-up and accessories to presentation skills and business etiquette – to put you on the path to success.

Nora also works with some of the biggest corporations in Cincinnati as an image consultant. She develops a corporate brand that ensures a company’s products, business goals and guiding principles are reflective in the way executives dress. Her corporate branding experience includes creating a stylish, fresh, sophisticated and professional look for the leadership team of a major beauty company to keep them relevant in their field. She’s also worked with a large financial organization to develop a professional, effective style and brand that reflects their reputation.

Photo Session Styling

Cincinnati image consultant Nora Fink brings the same expertise and energy to her corporate clients for photo styling. She works with companies and photographers to style executive headshots and product shoots. Nora will help executives select the right outfit, hairstyle and make-up. She’ll be on-site to recommend flattering poses, discuss the power of body language and make sure every hair and piece of clothing is in its proper place. Her fun, energetic attitude always helps bring out those natural smiles – even with the most hesitant client!

Photo styling services by Cincinnati image consultant Nora Fink are available to corporate clients and photographers on a half day, full day or hourly basis.